In and Around Nashville

It is my contention that what makes a good society is good-hearted people who are civic minded, educated, and nature loving. The links in this section are ones that I hope will help my fellow Nashvillians continue to grow as good citizens and neighbors.

  • Local Charities
    When we give we are truly not giving, but rather purchasing for ourselves a better society. Times may find us all in need someday, and will you not feel better about receiving then if you can honestly say that you have given in previous times? Give your time. Give your heart. People hear the word "Give" and automatically think someone is looking for a donation. Sometimes all people need is a hand held out for them to hold on to rather than a handout

  • State Parks/Nature Areas
    Nature is a source of endless beauty and inspirtation for me. After I have been out for a refreshing hike, I always come home and paint or write. Silent contemplation does everyone good, so do yourself a favor and go for a walk or daytrip. Ponder all of life's great mysteries and all of the future's possibilties.
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