Nashville Charities

Waste really bothers me. Wasting money, wasting opportunities, and most of all wasting time set back our global culture by so much. People busy themselves with expensive hobbies to take their minds off of the world's problems, when they could be using that extra time (if not money) to a more fullfilling end. Think about that.

  • Buddies of Nashville
    Local chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

  • Hands on Nashville

  • Habitat for Humanity
    Helping to create adequate low-cost housing. 51 Nashville affiliates and zero reasons not to get involved.

  • Nashville Networks
    Arm of the HUD program

  • Salvation Army
    Nashville Center Command

  • Nashville Cares
    This is a worthy cause dedicated to AIDS, but from what I could tell about the website, it has gone commercial.

  • AliveHospice
    This organization is very dear to me for many of reasons. Please check it out. They are always needing people willing to help others.

  • Impact Online
    If you did not find any cause above tugging on your heart-strings go to Impact Online. Type in a little information and they will connect you with a good cause that really needs you.

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