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Life Experiences

By life-experiences, I mean narratives about things I have done and places I have gone. I have travelled quite extensively in the eastern states and had many great adventures out on the open road. From New York City down to New Orleans to Parris Island to Dallas, I have gathered many memories and tales. Please write me if you have any feedback on this section.

  • My USMC Experiences

  • Life-Experience: Lollapalooza 1997, Nashville
  • I attended the Nashville date of Lollapalooza 1997, and this is my page describing the way awesome time I allowed myself at the festival. Enjoy, I know I did.

  • Local Legend #1
    Albino Werewolves.

  • Life-Experience: The Delta News

  • Life-Experience: My First Roadtrip to New York City
    Trip taken in 1998? with Jason Hulan and Chris Martin.

  • Life-Experience: My first Florida Vacation---West Palm Beach.

  • Life-Experience: Drowning Travis

  • Life-Experience: Summer Swim that Never Was

  • Life-Experiences: Playtime Memories