Investigation Title:

"Albino Werewolves of Dickson, Tennessee"

Date Written: 4-11-98

LOCATION: Dickson County, Dickson, Tennessee (Near Montgomery Bell State Park and Hall Cemetery)

This is the oral legend as it has been relayed to me by various people. I, Anthony Jackson, fully swear that I have not added to nor detracted from the story anything being either major or minute to the best of my knowledge.
30-35 years ago, a train carrying a sideshow derailed from the railroad tracks that run along the wooded area in question. Two albino werewolves were among the sideshow freight, and when the train jumped the tracks, the duo escaped into the timberlands. As I heard it, the train was purposefully derailed.
A search party was dispatched to find the escaped creatures, but never recovered them. It is unknown if any other creatures were supposed to have escaped that night. Sometime later, I cannot recall the interval exactly, but a young daredevil about 17-19 years of age who was in a biker gang took a challenge to ride his bike through the haunted/infested woods. He never returned, but some bones were found several days later beside his bike. This is said to have happened sometime in the early or mid 1970's.
Once and awhile now, people come out of those woods or, more specifically, from that graveyard, claiming to have seen the long-lost albino werewolves. THAT IS THE WHOLE OF THE ORIGINAL STORY AS IT WAS RELAYED TO ME.