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I have always been a fan of the cinema. Probably half of my life has been spent in front of a screen of one type or another. When I moved to Dickson, Tennessee in late 1996 after graduation from Dexter High School (Dexter, Missouri), I would spend every afternoon that my budget would allow in nearby Bellevue (one of the nicer parts of Nashville)at one of the two multiplex cinemas.

Having too much spare time on my hands after a very painful break-up(with Stacy), I decided to take on a second job at the local 12-plex as an usher. My primary income came from being a security guard. The second job, as I said, was to keep myself busy, and the free movies did not hurt at all! I worked my way up through the ranks: concession, box-office, Projectionist/Assistant Manager, and finally General Manager (of a 10-plex in Hendersonville, TN). One of the best perks of working in a theater is the fact that movies have to be previewed before they are presented to the customers, so the night before movies come out I get to watch the movies before anyone else!

Anthony, The Fan

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