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This is a page of links to other pages dealing with World History. I will also include my own pages of compiled data in due time.

The Franks

Rise of the Franks
The following four map links list all of the Writing Centers during the Carolingian Era. Broad Map, Detail on Gaul, Detail on Germania, and finally Detail on Italy.


Online History Texts (European History)
Ancient Lands: Swabia

The Vikings/Norse

Gautrek's Saga
Origin of Rollo Name
Kissing a King's Foot By: Laurel Fechner
Heimskringla: The Ynglinga Saga
Readings on Political Factors Within Scandinavia More on the Ynglinga
Death of a Chieftain
Information about the town of Maer
Myth and Religion of the North
Nordic Language Pointers
Nordic FAQ
Prehistoric Europe
And of Uppsala (Burial Mounds)
The Frissians
Vikings Connection with Psychotropic Substances
Viking/Swedish Chronicles
The Wild Hunt: An In-depth Look