Jen's Page

This page is for Jen, my distant friend, and forever, my Hilo Angel, and it is merely an attempt to show here how much I care for her. So, Jen, anytime the world gets you down or you just need an emotional boost come here, and see what I have created new for you.

For Jen

So my Hilo Angel remains
My faraway friend

Even after all this time.
Sweet images rain
Down as the dialogue begins again
To sooth my weary, wondering mind.
Happiness has found her
At the end of a long, laborous search
Beyond the sad days, which once were.
I bask in her joy from my distant perch
Though it must not have been meant to be,
A happy union made of you and me,
We are granted a friendship forged in forever,
Which vast reaches of space and time could not sever.
by: Anthony Jackson
11-28-2000 4:30p.m.
And in case you forgot
what I look like...
Here is an old picture
of little ole me.