How Long

How long, I ask, how long
Will my mind bask in
This beautiful song
Replaying in my head?

Vitalic visions invade my mind
Like a video replaying our
Shared, and far too short, time.

I wonder, truly, I wonder.
Posing a query: Do you like me?
And on that, I ponder......

Sparkling starlight makes bright your eyes,
And forces from me a fallen heart's
..........Romantic sigh.

Lady, you are a walking, talking dream,
But I ask you, Arlene,
Could you be everything you seem?

Speak not, for I will answer,
And I will do so with one word, "Yes".
This has been a monologue to you
.....From your romancer.

And who am I?
Just a fool, yeah, just a guy
Who believes in love and sweet romance;
As they are a dance with life.

Written By: Anthony AJ Jackson
8-11-97 6:15PM---->6:40PM

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