To Sleep with You Near

Alas last night I was given the greatest gift
An undeserved delight
That being the right to cuddle you close for a whole night.
My heart thudded, skipped a beat, and was lifted.

Thank you for holding me so tight
And warming my body and heart.
Thank you for tender embraces just right.
The memories shall sustain me while we are apart.

In my dreams you and I went for a walk
Bathed in the full moon's light.
You learned how to share, to talk.
I learned to listen, to simply be quiet.

Several times that night I opened my eyes
To make sure you were still there.
Finding you there, my happiness went undisguised,
And my mind was without a care.

I slept so sound
At your side.
The mate of my soul I finally found--
That is this poem's final confide.

By Anthony AJ Jackson
4-11-2k1 7:30pm
for Sabrina