Another Chapter of Us

My world spins when I'm with you
Like a twirling dancer,
And all my sweet words are the truth
Not pleasantries to simply flatter.

I sang that, "You are my sunshine."
Truly you are my all.
No finer lady could I have hoped to find,
So Sweet Sabrina hear my call.

Keep me close in mind
When we are apart
For we are upon the time
When you have won my heart.

Take my silly ways and my serious hand,
And I'll keep you safe forever.
Let me be your one true man,
And every wish you wish I shall deliver.

Do you understand the words I say,
Or shall I repeatedl express it differently
Day after day in inventive new ways?
I want you to see how much you mean to me.

Let me sail us away into the sunset
Adrift and aimed for some island paradise.
Or we could stay at home together better yet.
With you by me every place is equally nice.

Sometimes I detect a hint of desperation
When you want to talk with me longer,
And I am filled with joy, yes elation
By the prospect of your heart growing stronger.

Once I thought I sensed it in your caress
A growing compassion, passion, and bond
Which you haven't the words yet to express.
Share forever with me, and I'll never do you wrong.

I will never stray, runaway, nor let myself
Be taken away
I promise this to you and to myself
Here this day.

This has been just another chapter
In the story of you and me.
Dive into emotions and roll with laughter
And feel yourself becoming free.

By Anthony AJ Jackson
4-10-2k1 2pm
for Sabrina