Sweet Sabrina

I woke up thinkin about this girl I know
And all I could do was lay there and smile.
I daydreamed a relationship could grow
And I could win her love after awhile.

I woke up feeling silly and carefree
Thinking about last night.
It was picture perfect..blissfully.
Nothing out of place, everything just right.

I woke up and heard nearby songbirds
Singing just for me to rise and shine.
Laying awake, I composed these words
To convey I could not have wished for a more splendid time.

You are an old-fashion girl in a rushed society,
And for that, you have my admiration.
Come stand next to me,
And make my heart dance, such a glorious sensation.

By: Anthony AJ Jackson
3-31-2k1 10:20a.m.
For Sabrina :-)