You Could Find True Love

You could smell the roses if your nose wasn't within a book,
Smell the roses in bloom down by Sunny Brook.
You could lie in the field where butterflies flutter,
Sit watching and musing until daylight loses its luster.
You could walk hand-in-hand through the twilight dim,
Stolling streamside in the loving arms of a friend.
You could swim the moonlit crystal waters
Told of in tales by mothers to daughters.
Far from city-clamor and the roar of cars.
Waking, I'd whisper a poetic night-train,
And the soft, sweet syllables of your name.
"Could you ever, love me forever, as I so truly love you?"
Your misty eyes would open, and you'd reply, "I already do."

By: Anthony AJ Jackson
3-28-95 9:30a.m.-10:00a.m.