Waterfall Wildness

Sliding, gliding stream topple down on me
And my sweet bikini-clad lady.
Entice us, eroticize us,
Fill us with undying, wanton lust
For the touch of one another:
We are each other's DreamLover.

She's got the vixen look.
I have the mesmerizing motion.
Together we make the waters cook,
Bumping and grinding so hard we could boil the ocean.

Are my words too dirty?
Do they make you wanna blush?
I wanna make love to you so deep
Make you wanna moan and cuss.

I wanna enter you completely with my dick,
Pulse inside you, throbbing thick.
Make you cry out, "More, More!"
Release all the extascy I have in store.

By: Anthony AJ Jackson 7-16-99 11:15a.m.