When Raindrops Fall

Words just escape me
When I speak of my baby.
She puts my soul at ease.

Everytime I hear her
I wish I could be nearer.
Fate's put us so far apart.

When my heart my lady captured,
My soul simply raptured.
I knew she was the one.

Every time she's calling,
I find myself yet falling,
Falling for that lady of mine.

One minute we were chattin'.
I don't know what happened.
Soon we were so in love.

Now my heart is hers,
And I'm blind to others.
Ain't another girl for me.

She took my dull world
Gave it a good whirl.
Now the sun shines on me.

And when raindrops fall
They find me standing tall
Proud to be my lady's man.

By: Anthony AJ Jackson