Falling at Your Feet

Why aren't guys falling at your feet?
Flocking to your beauty and style from across the land?
Why aren't you ruling hearts from a high, golden pillowed seat?
Men competing to come kiss your hand.

Maybe they are fools
Or unable to recognize true, natural beauty.
Maybe they just want to play it cool.
Yet I can't; rhyming for you is my duty.

Maybe they are merely dumb
To romance and how to express (their hearts).
Maybe their heart's have been numbed
By some sweet enchantress.

Maybe they are afraid they'll drown in sea-blue eyes.
I know I almost lost myself in them.
They make my soul soar like birds in summer skies.
Your innocence and wholesomeness captivates men.

You are the girl next door and an angel above
Whose voice is a sweet medley of the soul.
Tell me why you radiate understanding and love
And possess the sweetest smile these eyes will ever know.

By:Anthony AJ Jackson