The Apex

You are the apex, the picture of perfection,
An angel deserving of all my undying affection.
Your orbs are soulful raindrops
And the love-webs where I get caught
Admiring you, my star,
Admiring you for all you are.
You are deserving of a valiant knight
But I am merely a noble pauper
Looking to bask in your forever light,
Looking to be your passion-starter.
I'll teach you how right romance can be
And explain how I can love you so easily.
You make my world brilliantly new
Like fresh spring mornings cover by dew.
You make me feel like a kid again;
Giddy, pure, and innocent of sin.
Your arrival shook my world,
Rattling loose all the love I have stored.

By: Anthony AJ Jackson
7-2-99 10:40p.m.