"Inception of Idealistic Humanism"

The mists of indecision are slowly rising,
Rising revealing the pitfalls they've been hiding."
Thoughts are more clear every day
With every fear thrown away.
They say, "Love is friendship set on fire."
This love of humanity can only take me higher.
I want to take this blaze and set it free
To incite passion in others just like me.
Let the fiery hearts shape our society.
Make everyone equal without bias or piety.
Make green the planet, may she live again
Not as a controlling parent, just a loving friend.
Cultivate a culture of pure good will.
Give yourself giving's great thrill.
It is great to love another and meet their needs,
But the fuel on the fire is learning to receive.

Anthony AJ Jackson
2-3-99 9:30a.m.