"A Moonless Night"

Have you ever seen on a moonless night
The star-bright sky far from city-light?
Have you ever looked to the heavens above
Wanting to cling close to the one you truly love?
Have you ever longed, out of appreciation, to convey
All the beauty that besiege your each and every day?
Only for the world not to comprehend at all
The words you have searched and sought out and ridded of flaw?
Some people don't feel at all, just think.
Some people's minds and hearts just cannot link.
My gypsy dreamer won't you look to the sky,
Crying joy for you see beauty without need of "Why?"
So many people imprison their senses
And build around their heart razorblade fences.
Your heart, dreamer, is wild and free
Just the way the gods intended it to be.

Written by: Anthony AJ Jackson
On 7-28-98 at 6:04p.m.