Angel of Yours

My sweet, take care of that angel of yours
And your sunshine self-- do that for me.
Stay strong and you'll win your private wars.
Your words are my heart's wealth as you'll always be.

Shelter her ears from the hurtful words,
For children surely sense and borrow the bother-
The idea is not absurbed-
"Please don't mother....No, father...."

So often in my younger years
That I cannot forget nor count
The times I wiped away my mother's tears,
Helping her find a way to surmount.

But your angel deserves more....
Less stress and ill-environment.
So much greater good could be in store
For such an infant so heaven-sent.

Hope these words help you out,
But I trust you need not my aid.
Just browse here when in doubt;
For you each reassuring word has been laid.

Written by: AJ Jackson
On 7-26-98 at 8:10 p.m.