Ode To a SoulMate

You are my sunshine angel,
Keeper of my heart for all eternity.
You are the princess of my fable.
Perfect words cannot convey your beauty.

You are many things at the same time.
Both sweet innocent and sexy seductive as well.
Perfection: A goldenheart and mind so divine.
Oh so quickly, so briskly my heart fell

Undeniably into your hands.
Take it, my lady, take it.
I'll be your loving man.
Just promise you'll never break it.

God put a heavenly heart in a body built for sin
And when I finally found you
I found sweet love once again.
I followed my heart and it led me to you.

Close in mind yet far down a distant road.
We speak and your soul shines through to me.
Let me be your knight, so bold,
Banishing woes and setting your heart free.

By: Anthony AJ Jackson