Delivering the Message

Huge overpowering orbs rise over twilight skies.
Satin lids shroud the huge green eyes.
A transparent face or eyes without one
Makes majestic a backdrop of the setting sun.
Words wrapped in thunder make clouds roll,
And people fall to their knees, the truth to know.
"Obey, I say, obey the Lover's creed!
Emotion, flesh, and compassion are all you need.
Search out the one for whom your heart beats.
Find love so true, so dear, so sweet.
Do not hide the feelings you feel.
They are part of you; they are real.
I am Love incarnate and nothing more.
I give freely the keys, yet you must open the door."
The satin lids silently close,
And the people are relieved of their pains and woes.
The roses rise a foot at least
As hatred is beat back, a whimpering beast.
People stand and couples unite.
Never again will we know the lonesome night.

Written By: Anthony AJ Jackson
1-12-95 1:50 P.M.

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