"The Last Halloween, Eternal Halloween"

In the late Halloween twilight
Bats fly and the full moon rises.
Distant screams can be heard.
More shall follow; fear one will be yours.
Gargoyles awake and break free their concrete coffins
On display atop building ledges.
They search for their shadowland of pre-existence,
But find only present-day feeding grounds
And victims swarming within it.
Gargoyles grin of pain while bats glide by their sides.
With visions of the sky-stalkers, babies cry.
Mothers try to silence their cries
But are overtaken by the creatures of mammoth size.

The dank, dark streets are painted red
As the fledglings prepare for THEIR coming.
THEY are their larger kin who have reigned far below.
The thunder rolls as a demon legion walks on fire
And removes the shielding door of the shadowland.
Gothic Lovecraftian creatures emerge and march,
Ignoring the rustling leaves' gentle roar.
Let the truth be known: Man has corrupted himself.
Darkness now reigns on every level.
Though man has ruled many millennia,
A demon coop of old brings his doom.
Endless strife awaits the mortals;
For the Underworld has come topside.

Ivy vines twist rapidly, locking feet to blood-soaked soil.
Cannibals feed their empty stomachs and wanton craze,
As yet another manifestation of twisted ways.
Mass murderers and serial killers rampage.
Bodies lay littering the streets sliced symmetrically
Like morbid, otherworld autopsies performed on the alive.
The demon legion unites with the sky battalion
Of gargoyles and blood-crazed bats.
Vampiric evil rears its ugly undead head
And comes out to slay alongside chilling kinship.
Werewolves join the fight, the valley of carnage, on Earth.
Almost perfect cloud cover threatens endless night.
The night creatures shan't burn. An absent sun.

Dormant corpses become dormant nevermore.
Their fingers peel as they scratch at coffin lids,
Begging salvation and effectively fleeing their coffers.
Satan himself rises from the murky phantom depths,
And seals the fate of human kind.
Satan's proclamation: All ye shall die!
Again the thunder roars and lightning aims scurrying targets
Showing naught by way of clemency.
No blacks die while whites perish.
No, all are simply annihilated!
Death and inhumanity wins across the board,
Leaving the incapable, the weak and young, no hope.
The moon becomes a dark image of blood.

Torchlight refugees search for "clean" food;
For the nightworld holds only contamination for the Alive
Boundless monstrosities reserve the hunting rights,
And their prey, the clan of the Alive, dwindles.
All the players have taken the field.
The dead and undead reclaim the surface and freely walk.
On the soul and beating heart, the creatures of nightshade shall always stalk.
Their thirst and undying hunger shan't yield.
Earth has become an orgy of death for the reaper so grim.
The litter of the future: mangled corpses minus limbs.
This scenario dampers great dreams of world peace.
When the winds of change blew cold across the surface,
I realized our time on Earth was corrupt and worthless.

Written By: Anthony AJ Jackson

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