> Call To Activism

A Call To Activism

By: Anthony Jackson

This is a call to activism. We must make a difference the best way "we" can. Individuals must form groups. Groups must unite. All boundaries must be broken. The unity I speak of must be total. A sense of community or village must be reintroduced into society. Give people something to be proud of and they will stuggle to maintain it. Likewise, when people see something in other people's art that speaks to them it will mean that much more because it is an honest, positive and humane connection.

Isn't that what life is about? Be individual, find peace within yourself, but at the same time realize that we are all of "one self". That is why it feels so good when we connect with others mentally, physically and emotionally. More human interaction makes for a more humane living environment. That is what we (the Dead Faery Tribe) are about, and in the days to come we will become the most outspoken advocates for world betterment. I don't believe anyone who tells me they are opposed to increasing the quality of life. They DO believe in increasing it, but they are just not motivated enough to act on what they believe.

Are we (the D.F.T.) just a group of meglomaniacs? No, the rest of the world is suffering from indifference and low self-esteem. They are just as capable of initiating change should that be their heart's desire. So ask yourself now, which category do you fall under? Think long and hard about that, and when you come to the conclusion that you want to be part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem, come to us. We seek to affiliate with anyone or any group whose aim is positive change for our global village. Cast off your labels wiccans, christians, poets, scientists, environmentalists and artist, and understand that we see you all as fellow tribesmen and women.