When Forever Feelings Fade

It is hell when heartache holds you down.
You've lost the love you thought you had found.
Your soul aches for days that cannot return,
But nevertheless you wish and yearn.
Thinking your heart sound, you begin your quest anew.
Quickly, you realize your heart yet remains blue.
What can be done when forever feelings fade away,
And you are filled with doubt you dare not display?
What happens when a love once so simple and sure
Changes, painfully, to something less than pure?
What can you do when you cannot relax nor let it go,
Except search your mind for answers the heart cannot know?
We all want a love that can save us,
But, unfortunately, it often only enslaves us.
Try to trust your mind for hearts will break and mend.
The consummate chore is trying to ensure they don't break again.

By Anthony AJ Jackson
9-24-1998 3:15pm