For My Lady

Diamond sparkles from the stream and your eyes
Enchant me as always,
And songbirds sing the praises of bright,
Blue morning skies.
So begins for us another beautiful day.

The summer sun shines, radiating its heat down,
Warmly soaking into our skin.
We enjoy the piece of paradise we have found
And vow to visit it over and over again.

Seeking salvation, we take to the stream.
You bikini-clad, and I in my trunks.
Far from flirtacious girls and cat-calling punks,
We swim, basking in a waking dream.

We splash about, and I pull you close.
Inches only keep our embrace innocent,
Me and my lady that heaven sent.
We linger long, nose nuzzling nose.

And when Autumn comes, ousting away the leaves
With her winds, we will dance,
But you must, my love, believe
In pure, idealist hearts and romance.

For both still do exist
True to form within me
In ways too numerous to list.
That, I think you can see.

By Anthony AJ Jackson
9-13-1998 2:41pm