The Many Faces

The look on a face,
Can tell you many things.
The face can never lie,
The true feelings you can never hide.

When one is happy,
There's a radiant glow.
That face cannot hide,
What you're feeling inside.

When one is sad, everyone can tell.
Your face cannot hide,
All the pain,
You have buried inside.

When you are angry,
The face gives you a voice.
You cannot hold,
That feeling inside.

When you are glad,
It shows through on your face.
No cloud can hide,
That sunny feeling, you have inside.

When you are afraid,
It seems that everyone can tell.
It reflects on the face,
What your heart tries to hide.

When you are lonely,
Everyone can tell by looking into your eyes.
The face tells on you and reveals what's inside,
When you try to hide.

When you feel loved,
Your face can't hide,
All of the smiles,
You have repressed inside.

When you try to hold emotions inside,
You cannot fool those who look into your eyes.
Your face cannot lie,
About what you feel inside.

There are many faces of life.
When you take the time to know someone,
They can never hide from you,
What they feel inside.

By: Teresa E. Gibson
All Rights Reserved.

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