Lonely and Blue

I can't help but think of you.
Your burning eyes, the things you do.
I long for the time we spend,
I only wish that it would never end.

Can't you see the love in me?
What this special bond could be?
The world just can't seem to understand,
That I could get this crazy, Just by the simple touch of your hand.

No wonder that love is made for two.
Cause I wouldn't want to make love,
With anyone but you.
I find myself, singing in rhyme.
Longing for you all the time.

Now I feel that I can say, "we are one".
The fire is there and the damage is done.
I can see the heartfire, My heart is following you.
I will stay by your side.

I will hold you tighter, when you're down.
When I can do no more,
I may only cry with you.
But i'll love you forever-more!

By: Teresa E. Gibson
All Rights Reserved.

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