The Angel's Touch

Rainbow skies and butterflies,
All that is beauty upon the earth;
God's paradise!
Curls in your hair,

Lying softly upon your face.
Pretty flowers for you to wear and hold,
Ribbons and bows and lots of lace.
Sunshine and laughter,

Days of fun.
Happy times yet sad times,
I love you the same.
For all that is beautiful,

And all that shines.
No wordly riches can take your place.
You make the rains dance,
The sun shine bright.

The moon beams,
The stars twinkling light.
You put a smile on a tired old face.
And fill all the world with lots of grace.

You bring happiness-
When there's no hapiness to be found.
You do so many good things,
And for that you deserve,
Everything that is peaceful and good.

Tough times will still yet come,
It's only a test.
To see who is strong enough,
To lead the rest.

Your friends and family,
All need you so much.
Let magic take place now.
Feel the angels' touch.

By: Teresa E. Gibson
All Rights Reserved.

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