The World Is Mine Today

All my yesterdays are memories
I hope to hold forever.
All my tomorrows are dreams
I have yet to enter.
As I embrace each moment,
filled with passion and intensity,
I let my heart guide me,
reveal that which I should see.
I am willing to place a wager
and put all prejudice aside For the chance to enjoy
life's dance and society's game collide.
I prefer not to exist in this world,
yet not to exist in fiction,
I cast away the expected masks and allow love
to become my addiction. To add spice to life's recipe,
to have the ability to deviate from the norm.
so that the world is my stage and I,
the main character, am ready to perform.
This mortal existence was made for so much more
than merely surviving.
You must search deep within your soul to do spiritual
cleansing and reviving. Because tomorrow may not come,
and yesterday cannot stay. But the one thing I am sure of

Lauren Nicole Hight 1999 All Rights Reserved.

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