Cars on the road. Love in my Heart.
People of people of people acting and longing
To be people in magazines.
People Magazine. Made for people by people.
I do not want any of those magazines.

I can be me as I am.
Traffic poles and darkened skies and
Vast stretches of wasted dirt
For the next big "come and get it
while the gettins' good" extravaganza.
And Love in my Heart
Concrete as the school i was forged in
Soft as a preserved cherry pie
Eye as a sky on a fly
Or a fly in the sky
Or an extremely low flying plane
Dropping metal pieces out that upon
hitting the ground EXPLODE in a burst of fire
And gas and shrapnel and sticky death.

The Art of War's perfection is Total Annihalation.
Dead heads, burnt baby arms, and exterminated species
never to be seen on Earth again
And Love in my Heart.

But I wave and I circle and
I draw no straight lines.
I listen to her, my mother, my Earth.
She has a story, and all who know it
See through all the lies.....
This world of lies so thick with fear
and pasty gray toxic sludge....
But I have Love in my Heart.

In the end of seperation....
this will be all that mattered.
Eleven, eleven
Create a Heaven.

By: Christopher Michael Durai
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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