Jeeves Self-Described

My name is Jeeves Kel, and I am an 18 year old attending high school in western Pennsylvania. I will soon be attending Northwestern University in the Chicago area and plan on majoring in English. I have been writing poetry for five years now but haven't seriously nurtured my passion until recently. Writing is something I love to do and poetry, in itself, is like no other form of literature. I have chosen to write poetry mainly because I feel this is the only way to capture my emotions to the fullest extent words can.

I believe poetry should flow from the tongue like honey while simultaneously wrenching at the readers emotions with a force surpassed by no other. Poetry can make people cry, laugh, love and hate. It can be used as a powerful tool in defense or in attack. Poetry to me is emotion in word form. To be able to capture these emotions is a gift.

It is one that I try and fulfill through writings of life experiences. Some poets write of days and nights they've had throughout their lives. I write about the emotions that I've felt within these days and nights because those are the things that matter to me. I feel that the love contained within the gift of a rose is more important than the rose itself. To show this emotion to others is my way of welcoming them into a small part of my life. That is why I write poetry.

Jeeves Kel