I Have, I You

I have seen faces with bodies attached
hands with faces attached
hearts with hands attached
souls with hearts attached.

I have dreamed of my legs in plaster
silver in my eyes
garlic in my nose
daisies in my hair.

I have grown tired with age
angry with knowledge
heavy with love
weary with travel.

I have desired the stopping of time
the breaking of hearts
the slowing of breath
the blankness of mind.

I have stood trial before a deck of cards
fought my way through an army of terrified angels
cowered under the eyes of my evil twin
sobbed at the feet of a sympathetic ear.

I am one and the same as you
twice your height
half your fate
opposite of every thing you know.
I am you as you are me as we are all together.

By Ariel Dunham 3-14-99
All Rights Reserved 1999.

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