Pink Floyd

  • A Little History on the band.
    The Pink Floyd Sound
    In 1965 Syd Barrett, Bob Close, Nick Mason, Rick Wright, and Roger Waters joined a band known as Sigma 6. Bob Close left the band, which he is probably still kicking himself for doing, and all the earlier members of the band had gone their own ways.

    All that was left now was a guitarist (Syd Barrett), a bassist (Roger Waters), a pianist (Rick Wright), and a drummer (Nick Mason). The band tried many names at different times such as, The Screaming Abdabs, T-Set, The Meggadeaths, and The Architectural Abdabs, until Syd came up with the name The Pink Floyd Sound, inspired by two jazz artists Pink Anderson, and Floyd Council.

    For their first album "Piper At The Gates of Dawn" they used the name "The Pink Floyd" and the word, "The" , was subsequently dropped for their next album A Saucerful Of Secrets. Before the release of Piper Floyd had released several singles such as Arnold Lane, and See Emily Play. Syd was heavily involved in LSD, which was legal at the time, and was having trouble dealing with all the pressure of being a star. So they hired Dave Gilmour, Syd's old friend to play rhythm guitar. Syd's condition got worse and the band decided not to pick him up one night. That was the end of Syd.

    The new foursome released albums such as More, Ummagumma, Atom heart Mother, Relics, Meddle, and Obscured By Clouds. Floyd were having trouble trying to find a style, and were still sounding like the band when Syd was present. When they released The Dark Side of the Moon, it sold over 25 million copies world wide, and remained on the billboard charts for 14 years, proving to be one of the greatest albums ever. The Floyd were having troubles creating something of equal quality to Dark Side.

    The release of Wish You Were Here proved that Floyd were a very unique band. They released an album called Animals, known as the forgotten album, and then the album called The Wall followed. Roger was upset with Wright and wanted to fire him after the wall tour. The Floyd released another album without Wright called The Final Cut and then Roger left the band. It was in 1987 when Gilmour and Mason rejoined under the name Floyd and made an album called A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

    Then Wright joined them for the world tour. In 1994 Pink Floyd came out with the album The Division Bell and later released Pulse.

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