Charleston, SC to Parris Island, SC

I really had to use the restroom when we got off the plane, so I figured I should go report to my CO and explain my biological need to dispose of my liquid wastes. :-) After he finished expressing his acute displeasure with having to babysit me, he allowed me one minute to go. He continued on with incessantly reminding me to hurry up the whole time.

After that we were all lead down into the service corridors to a place set aside to handle incoming recruits. We were on the white line waiting, being processed, and waiting for the others to arrive. Next we were taken to a cafeteria. We were told to put our heads down and rest, like it was possible to totally rest. I tried to sleep but kept dozing in and out of sleep. WAKE UP! We were woke up when the others finally arrived and told to eat. We ate bagged nasties, and then borded the buses that would deliever us to Parris Island.