Mrs. D is quite a woman...Her classes were always entertaining and educational. As freshmen the better part of our class froze with fear as we neared the classroom door, but as seniors, it was a whole different story. It was Mrs. Dowdy who dreaded second hour College Prep. English, for she knew some prankster would work the class into a frenzy only to be soothed by glazed donuts or some other tasty morning treat.
Of all my high school memories, the ones I accumulated in her class are among the fondest I have. Thanks Mrs. Dowdy, and that comes from the bottom of my heart. Whenever the winding roads beckon me or I just get homesick for my childhood home, look for me to knock on your classroom door. A trip to Dexter just isn't complete without seeing the people who have taught me so much.


Tenth grade English II and speech class taught me much about myself. I felt transformed from the shy little boy I had always been into a confident and competent communicator. It was Mrs. Stuever's constant willingness to help and positive outlook on life that inspired me and kept me writing when I felt like a talentless hack. Her students would be doing themselves a favor to recognize the brilliant instructor they are blessed with, even on test days!!! Thanks again, Mrs. Stuever, for everything.


I had this exceptional instructor both junior and senior year.
As a junior, I learned a great deal about the workings of both the short story and the novel. It was then that I was introduced to one of my all time favorite books, To Kill A Mockingbird, which filled me with awe.
As a senior, I worked on The Bearcat, which is the school newspaper. Journalism taught me that even though I was wordy by nature I needed also to be concise. I wrote my articles, which I still show anyone I can keep captive. We had a great editor and overall staff.
I consider Mrs. Vines more than a teacher; I consider her a close friend. She is brilliant and good-hearted, and that what makes her such a joy to be around.

I was blessed, and I do mean BLESSED, with an excellent array of fine teachers who have taught me much and continue to each time I converse with them. Thanks again.


Coach was my IPS teacher, but what I learned from him was not limited to science. He not only wanted us to know the answers but also how we arrived at them. He encouraged his students to think for themselves. I remember Coach once saying near the beginning of the year, "If you learn nothing else this year, atleast learn to think."
I just wish I could remember some of Coach's jokes!! They could get corny, yes, but somehow, he always made them work. The same is true of his students. Hard work always accompanied the humor.
Coach's concern for his students was not confined to the classroom. He helped me time and time again. He helped me get my first real job. He was always bringing me something he wanted me to read, which was always interesting. If I needed advice, which I did from time to time, Coach was there to offer his wisdom.
The wise man knows when to be silent, so I will end this entry now. Thanks again, Coach. I just wanted you to know YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.