Viking Notes

NAME /Rognvald/ I, "The Wise", Jarl of More
SEX M/ b ABT. 830 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
d. ABT. 891 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
NAME Ragnhilda /Hrolfsdottir/, Countess of More
SEX f/ b. 848 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
NAME Berenger /de Bayeaux/
SEX M/ b. 847
NAME Eystein /Ivarsson(Glumra)/, The Noisy
SEX M/ b. ABT. 800 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
aka The Rattle
NAME Aseda(Ascrida) /Rognvaldsson/, Countess of Oppland
SEX F/ b. ABT. 812 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
NAME the Sea King /Hrolf/
SEX M/ b. ABT. 800
NAME Erik VIII /Bjornsson/, King of Sweden
NAME Sigrid Storrada /Skoglar-Testedot/, Queen  Sweden
NAME /Isabella/
NAME /Margaret/
NAME Isabel /Vermandois/
NAME Hedwig of /Normandy/
NAME /Sigurd/ I, "the Mighty", EysteinssonI
SEX M/ b. ABT. 832 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
d. 874 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
NAME Malahule (Haldrick) /Eysteinsson/
SEX M/ b. ABT. 845 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
NAME Ivar /Oplaendinge/, Jarl of the Uplanders, Norway
SEX M/ b. 783 Norway
Ivar, Jarl of the Uplands of Norway, birthdate recorded 830, assumed 
about 683
NAME Aseda /Rognvaldsson/
NAME Halfdan II /Eysteinsson/, "The Mild", King of Vest
b. 762-68 Holtum, Vestold, Norway
d. 800 Borre, Vestold, Norway-- Illness
 Married Liv, Dagsdatter abt 782
 King of Vestfold, Norway
 Gave much gold to his men
 Starved his men in their diet
 "aka" the Meek
 Died on the bed of sickness in Borre
 He was called Halfdan the Mild or Meek.  He was said to be generous with 
 his men, giving them gold instead of silver like other Kings.  He didn't 
 give his men much food and they were close to starving.  He was also said 
 to be a bad entertainer.  Hee was a great warrior and went a viking many 
 times.  He had great properties.  He married Liv, a daughter of King Dag 
 of Westmare.  In Vestfold, in his cheif house he died in sickbed and was 
 burried at Borre under a mound.
NAME Liv /Dagsdatter/
SEX F/ b. 772 Holtum, Vestold, Norway
NAME /Eysteinn/ I, "Fretr" Halfdansson, King of Vestold
SEX M/ b. 736 Vestfold, Norway
d. Buried at Raden, near Vodle--Drowned
ABT. 761 Married Hildi Ericsdatter
King of Vestfold
 Eystein married Hildi Ericsdatter.  She was the daughter of Eric 
 Agnarsson, who was the king of Vestfold.  King Eric died with no son, so 
 he passed his kingdom to Eystein.  He ruled there as long as he lived. 
 At this time there was a great warlock named Skjold who lived at Varna.  
 King Eystein went to Varna and plundered and took many valuables, 
 peasants' stock and killed cattle for provisions.  Then took off in his 
 war ships.  Skjold heaard of this and became very angry.  Skjold went the 
 shore and just saw the tips of the sails of Eysteins ships as they 
 departed into the horizon.  Skjold took his cloak, waved it and blew into 
 it.  A great wave was created.  The wave knocked KIng Eystein into the 
 sea, he drowned.  His men rescued his body and buried it in a mound at 
 Raden, near Vodle
NAME Hildi /Ericsdatter/
SEX F/ b. ABT. 740 Vestfold, Norway
NAME /Finland/
b. 402
NAME Thorborg /Alreksson/
SEX F/ b.470 Sweden

NAME Alf /Alreksson/, King of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 468 Sweden
NAME Solveig /Halfdansson/
SEX F/ b. 684 Soleyum, Sweden
NAME Ingjald "the Wicked" /Ingvarsson/, King of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 660 Sweden
d.681- Burnt himself to death
Married Gauthild Algautsson
King of Sweden/Was very fearce/Killed many kings for their domains
Called wicked because he was made to eat the heart of a wolf
 Ingjald was said to have been too meek as a child.  So Ingjald was given 
a wolfs heart to eat, and it was said that he became a most ferocious 
person, and of the worst diposition after that day.  When he was grown he 
married King Algaut daughter, Gauthild.
Now when King Ingjald to the kingdom there were many district-kings.  
King Ingjald ordered a great feast to be prepared in Upsal.  He had a 
large hall made ready for the occassion.  This hall was called the Seven 
Kings Hall, in it seven seats for kings.  Then Ingjald sent men all 
through his kingdom and invited to his feast kings earls and other men of 
consequence.  When all the guest arrived and after they were all drunk, 
Ingald had the hall burned.  Anyone who tried to exit was killed.  Then 
King Ingjald took possession of all their domains, and he took scatt form 
their countries.
Time passed and he made many enemies.  He burnt and killed many kings and 
their people.  One of his enemies finally surrounded him and was set to 
kill him.  He gathered his people and had a great feast and set his hall 
on fire and burnt everyone to death including himself and his wife. 
NAME Gauthild /Algautsson/
SEX F/ b. 664 Sweden
NAME Onund /Ingvarsson/, "Land Clearer", King Of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 638 Sweden
Married abt.659
One of the most popular Kings of Sweden/ he became very rich
Went to Estland to avenge his father
aka: Roadmaker--Cleared land and made roads
 Onund was a very rich and popular king.  There were good seasons during 
his reign and the Swedes loved him.
Onund went with his army to Estland to avenge his father.  There he 
plundered and ravaged and brought home much booty.  
Sweden is a great forest land.  Onund bestowed great diligence and 
expense on opeing the woods and cultivating the cleared land.  He made 
roads throughout the countryside.  
He had a house built for himself in every district of Sweden.
Killed by a land slide of clay and stone
1 NAME Algaut /Gautreksson/
2 DATE 639

NAME Ingvar /Eysteinsson/, "the Tall", King of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 616 Sweden
King of Sweden
Was a great warrior
Made peace with the Danes
 King Yngvar was a great warrior.  He also made peace with the Danes, so 
they woiuld stop ravaging the land.  One summer he went to Estland and 
plundered at a place called Stein.  The men from Estland came down from 
the interior with a great army and there was a great battle.  King Yngvar 
fell and died during the battle.  He was buried there close to the 
NAME Eystein /Adilsson/, King of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 594 Sweden
d. Lofond, Sweden--Was burned to death
King of Sweden until he lost his Kingdom to Solve
 Eystein ruled after his father.  Eystein was killed by the Sea-King 
Solve, while he was at a feast in Lofond.  Solve came unexpectedly in the 
night while Eystein and his men were sleeping.  They set the house on 
fire that the king was staying at and killed all in side.  Then Solve 
demanded to become king.  The Swedes collected an army and tried to 
defend the country.  There was a great battle that lasted for 11 days.  
In the end Solve was victorious and then ruled the Swedes for many 
years.  Finally the Swedes betrayed Solve and killed him.
NAME Adils /Ottarsson/, King of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 572 Sweden
d. Upsal, Sweden-- Fell off horse and split his skull
Took Yrsa captive on a raid in Saxland, then they married
Married in Sweden
Yrsa was stolen by Helge forced into marriage with him
Yrsa had a son by Helge named Rolf Krake
King of Sweden
Helge was actually Yrsa's father
Yrsa returned to Adils and remained with him thereafter
 Adils succeeded his father and was a long time king who went on many 
viking expeditions.  On one of those expeditions he went to Saxland.  The 
King Geirthjof and his wife Alof the Great were not at home and there was 
no mention of their children.  Adils and his men plundered and to a herd 
of cattle that was attened to by slaves.  Among them was a very beautiful 
girl name Yrsa.  Adils returned haome with his plunder and the slaves.  
Adils soon discovered that Yrsa was well spoken and intelligent and was 
not one of the slaves.  All the people thought well of her, especially 
the king.  The king married Yrsa and she became queen of the Swedes.  
King Halfdan's son Helge ruled at the time over leidre.  He came to 
Sweden with so great an army that all Adils could do was flee.  King 
Helge plundered and captured Yrsa and later married her.  They had a son 
they named Rolf Krake.  When Rolf was 3 Queen Alof came to Denmark and 
told Yrsa that her husband King Helge was actually her father and that 
she Alof, was her mother.  Thereupon Yrsa fled back to Sweden and was 
Adils Queen until her death.  king Helge fell in a war, and Rolf 
Krake(age 8) was taken to succeed his father as King of Leidre.  
King Adils had many disputes with Ole of the Uplands.  They had a battle 
on the ice of lake Venner, in which Ole fell in battle.
King Adils loved horses, and had the best horses of the times.  One of 
his horses was called Slongve, and another Raven.  Raven was taken from 
Ole on his death, and bred tp produce another horse also named Raven, 
which was given to King Godgest of Halogaland as a present.  When Godgest 
mounted the horse he could not handle him well and fell and was killed.  
This accident happened at Omd in Halogaland.  King Adils was at a Disa 
sacrifice at the time; and as he road his horse named Raven stumbled and 
fell, and was thrown forward on his head, and his skull was split.  Adils 
died at Upsal and was buried in a mound.  The Swedes called him a great 

1 NAME Ottar /Egisson/, "Vendelcrow", King of Sweden
Died in Battle with Danes
King of Sweden
His did not continue the friendship his father had with King Frode of Denmark
King Frode attacked Sweden, then King Ottar attacked Denmark
 King Ottar did not continue in friendship with King Frode.  King Frode 
then demanded Ottar pay the scatt that his father owed.  Ottar refused to 
pay.  He replied that no Swede had ever paid scatt to the Danes, and he 
never will.  Frode gathered a great army and landed in Sweden and ravaged 
the country.  Frode killed many people and took great booty.  The next 
summer Frode went on an expedition to the east.  Ottar took this 
oppurtunity to ravage and plunder the Danes with no resistance.  Ottar 
heard that many people were collected at Sealand, so he proceeded 
westward to the Sound, and sailed north to Jutland and landed at 
Lymfjord; they destroyed and plundered there as well.  Vatt and Faste 
charged to defend Frode's kingdom in his absence.  When Vatt and Faste 
heard about the destruction by Ottar the gathered there ships and men and 
sailed for Lymfjord.  They came unexpectedely upon Ottar and many on both 
sides died.  The battle ended with the fall of Ottar and the greater 
portion of his men.  The Danes took Ottar's body to land and let the wild 
beasts and crows tear it appart.  Thereafter they made a figure of a crow 
out of wood, sent it ot Sweden, and sent word that their king was no 
better that a crow.  From that day forward Ottar was known as Ottar 

NAME Egil /Aunsson/, King of Sweden
Battled 8 times with Tunne, his fathers counsellor
Liked to hunt
Was quiet, not a warrior
 Egil succeeded his father.  He was no warrior like his father. Egil made 
enemies of Tunne, his fathers slave and counsellor, when he put Tunne 
amoung the other slaves.  Tunne took this very bad.  Tunne left and dug 
up treasure he had stolen from Aun when he died and gave it to his men 
and became their chief.  They marauded and pilaged the country side.  
When King Egil heard of this his gathered his army and went in pursue of 
Tunne. One night while King Egil was sleeping, Tunne and his men attacked 
killing many.  Egil fled and Tunne pursued, leaving a trail of 
destruction behin him.  King egil and Tunne had 8 battles, and Tune was 
the victor.  Then King Egil fled the country, going to Sealand in 
Denmark, asking Frode the Bold for assistance.  Frode gave him an army, 
later to be paid for.  Egil with Frode's aid, and Tunne met again in 
battle.  This time King Egil was victoriuos and Tunne fell, and the king 
recovered his kingdom and the Danes returned to there home.  Egil sent 
Frode the bold many great gifts every year, but paid no scatts for the 
victory.  Even though Egil never paid the scatts he owed Frode, they 
became friends, so Frode over looked the debt.  After Tunne's fall King 
Egil ruled for 3 more years, until he died, when A bull destined for 
sacrifice escaped and created great havick in the country side.  King 
Egil was a great hunter.  One day while Egil was hunting he traced the 
escaped bull and tracked it down.  He road up to kill it, but the bull 
turned suddenly, the king struck it with his spear, but the bull had 
already speared the king s horse with its horns causing the horse to 
fall.  The king sprang up, but it was to late, the bull gored him in the 
chest.  The kings men killed the bull, and the king died a short time 

NAME "the Aged" /Aun/, Jorundsson, King of Sweden
Fled to Gotland twice
Sacrificed all of his 9 sons, save one
Lived for a extremely long time
 On ro Aun became King of Swedes after his father.  He was a wise man who 
made great sacrifices to the gods, but being no warrior, he lived quietly 
at home.  
 Halfdan the King of Denmark continually attacked King Aun of Sweden.  
Halfdan was usually victorious over Aun.  At last King Aun fled to Wester 
Gotland.  Halfdan then ruled Sweden.  Finally Halfdan died in his bed at 
upsal, and was buried there in a mound.  King Aun returned to Upsal when 
he was sixty years old.  He made a great sacrifice, and in it he offered 
up his son to Odin.  Aun got an answer from Odin; that he should live 
sixty more years.  
 Then came Ole the Bold, a son of King Fridleif, with his army to Sweden.  
Ole was victorious so Aun fled a second time to Gotland and for 25 years 
Ole was the King of Sweden, until he was killed by Stardkad the Old.  
 Aun then returned to Upsal and sacrificed again for long life, and ruled 
again for 25 years.  Then he sacrificed his second son.  He was answered 
by Odin:  that he should sacrifice a son every 10 years, and that he 
should name one of the districts of his country after the number of son 
he was to offer to Odin.  After he had sacrificed his 7th son he 
continued to live but had to be carried by chair.  Then he sacrificed his 
8th son, and lived thereafter ten years, lying in his bed.  Then he 
sacrificed his 9th son, and lived 10 more years, but had to drink out of 
a horn like an infant.  He now only had one son remaining, whom he also 
wanted to sacrifice, but the Swedes would not allow it, so Aun died and 
was buried in a mound at Upsal.  Since that ime it is called Aun's 
sickness when a man dies without pain, of extreme old age.

NAME Jorund /Yngvasson/, King of Sweden
SEX M/ b. 487 Sweden
Often gone on Expeditions/ Plundered Denmark
Taken prisoner of Gylog
 Jorund was King of Swedes.  he often left to go on war expeditions.  One 
summer he went with his forces to Denmark, where they plundered and took 
much booty.  In the autumn he went to Lymfjord and marauded there also.  
While he was at Oddesund with his men, King Gylog of Halogalund, a son of 
King Gudlog, started a battle with Jorund.  When the country people saw 
this they swarmed from all parts towards the battle, in great ships and 
small; and Jorund was over powered by the multitudes.  His ships were 
cleared of his men and he tried to escape by jumping over board, but was 
made a prisoner of Gylog.  Gylog ordered gallows to be erected, led 
Jorund to it, and had him hanged there.  So ended his life.

1 NAME Yngvi /Alreksson/, King of Sweden
Murdered by his brother
Was a handsome, great warrior who was loved by his people.
 Alric's sons Yngve and Alf, then succeeded the Kingly power in Sweden.  
Yngve was a great warrior, always victoriuos; handsome, expert in all 
exercises, strong and very sharp in battle, generous and full of mirth; 
so that he was loved by all his people.  Alf was a silent, harsh, and 
unfriendly man, and sat at home while his brother went out to battle.  
King Alf had a wife named Bera, who was the most agreeable of women.  One 
autumn,  Yngve returned home victorious from battle.  He was much 
celebrated.  Yngve often sat long at the drinking table, while Alf went 
willingly to bed very early.  Queen Bera often stayed up and conversed 
with Yngve.  Alf soon told Bera that she should not stay up so late with 
Yngve, but retire early with him.  She replied to Alf, that happy would 
be the women who had Yngve instead of Alf for a husband.  She often told 
Alf this, and this made Alf very angry.  One evening Alf went ot the hall 
and found Yngve and Bera talking.  Alf went straight to them and pulled a 
sword from his cloak and pierced Yngve many times.  Yngve leaped up and 
drew his short sword and gave Alf a death wound.  They both fell dead to 
the floor.

1 NAME Alrek /Agnasson/, King of Sweden
Died of Crushed head
Married Dagreid
Loved to tame horses
 teased and competed with his brother
 some say he and his brother killed each other
 Agnes had 2 sons Alric and Eric.  Together they both were Kings of 
Sweden.  They were both very powerful men, great warriors and expert at 
all feats of arms.  It was their custom to ride and break in horses both 
to walk and to gallop, which nobody understood so well as they;  and they 
teased with each other as to who was the best.   One day both brothers 
road out alone, with their best horses and never returned.  The people 
went out to look for them, and they were both found dead with their 
heades crushed.  

NAME Dagreid /Dagsdotter/
NAME Agne /Dagsson/, King of Sweden
d. Agnefet where he was hanged to death
Married Skalv
Marauded Finland
 Kill chief Froste
 Took Froste Daughter and Son
 Agne was a powerful and celebrated man, expert, and exercised in all 
feats.  One summer King Agne went to Finland and marauded.  The Finland 
people gathered a great army, led by chief Froste.  There was a great 
battle, in which King Agne was victorious.  Froste fell as did many of 
his people.  King Agne continued his way through Finland gathering much 
booty.  He took Froste's daughter Skjalv, and his son Loge, and carried 
them along with him.  When he sailed from the east he came to land at 
Stoksund, and put up his tent on the flat side of the river, where there 
was a wood.  Agne had at the time the gold ornament that belong at one 
time to Visbur.  He then married Skjalv, and she begged him to make 
burial feasts in honor of her father.  He invited great many guest and 
had a great feast.  He had become very celebrated by his expedition, and 
there was a great drinking match.  When the king became very drunk, 
Skjalv bade him to take care of his gold ornament.  He bound it around 
his neck, and went ot sleep. His tent stood at the edge of the woods, and 
a high tree branched out over it giving protection from the sun.  While 
he was asleep, Skjalv took a noose, and fastened it under the ornament.  
Then her men tore down the tent poles, cast the rope attached to the 
ornament over a tree branch and pulled.  The king was hanged until he 
died.  King Agnes was buried there, which was later called Agnefet; it 
lies on the east side of the Tauren, and west of Stoksund.

NAME Skalv /Frostasson/

NAME Dag /Dyggvasson/, "the Wise", King of Swedes
Killed by a hayfork to the head
He was said to be so wise, he understood the language of birds
 Dag ruled Sweden.  Was said to be so wise he understood the languages of 
birds.  He had a sparrow which told him much news, and flew to different 
countries for him.  Once the sparrow flew to Reidgotaland, to a farm 
called Varva, where he flew inot a peasant's corn field and took some 
grain.  The peasant killed the sparrow with a stone.  King Dag was 
worried that the sparrow did not come home.  In a sacrifice of expiation, 
inquired after the sparrow, he got the answer that the sparrow was killed 
at Varva.  King Dag gathered a great army and went to Varva.  He 
plundered Varva and the town people fled away before him.  King Dag 
returned in the evening to his ship, taking many prisoners.  As they were 
crossing the river Skjotan, a thrall of people came running to the 
riverside, and threw a hayfork into the Kings troops.  It stuck the King 
in the head. 
 He fell instantly from his horse and was dead.  In those times the chief 
who ravaged a country was called Gram, and the me-at-arms under him 
 "Wht news is this that the king's men,
flying eastward throu the glen,
Report? That Dag the Brave, whose name
Is sounded far and wide by fame --
That Dag, who knew so well to wield
The Battle-axe in bloody field,
Where brave men meet, no more will head
The brave -- that mighty Dag is dead!

 Varva was wasted with the sword,
Abd veneance taken for the bird --
The little bird that used to bring
News to the ear of the great king.
varva was ravaged, and the strife
Was ended, when the monarch's life
Was ended too  --  the great Dag fell
By the hayfork of a base thrall!"

NAME Dyggvi /Domarsson/, King of Swedes
 1st to be actually called King, instead of Drott Soveriegn
 Dyggvi ruled after his fatehr. Nothing is known about his death, except 
he died in his bed like his father.
 His mother was a daughter of King Danp, of Denmark, who was the Son of 
King Rig, who was first called "King" in the Danish tongue.  Rigs 
descendants thereafter took the title of King.  Dyggvi was the first of 
his family to be called King.  His predecessors were call Drott Soverign 
or Drottnar, and their wives called Drottningar.  Each family member was 
call Yngve, or Yngune and the ancestors were called Ynglinger.  

1 NAME Domar /Domaldasson/, King of Swedes
 Married Drott Danpsson
 Had a long reign
 Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
 Wife was sister to King Dan Mikillati, from where Denmark gets its name
 Times were good and plentiful
 Died in his bed
 Body was burned at Fyrisvold
 He ruled after his fathers death.  He reigned lang, and the land was 
prosperous and peaceful.  Nothing is told of his death, except that he 
died in his bed at Upsal, and his body was takedn to Fyrisvold, where it 
was burned on the river bank where his standing stone still remains.
 "I have asked wise men to tell
Where Domar rest, and they knew well.
Domar, on Fryie's wide-spread gound,
Was burned, and laid on Ynve's mound.

1 NAME Drott /Danpsson/

1 NAME /Danpi/

1 NAME Domaldi /Visbursson/, King of Swedes
 Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
 Ruled during times famine and distress
 Murdered by his people as a sacrifice to the gods
 Domaldi took the heritage of his father and ruled the land.  At this time 
there was great famine and distress.  The Swedes made great offerings of 
sacrifice at Upsal.  The first autumn they sacrificed oxen, but the 
succeeding season did not improve.  The following autumn they sacrificed 
men, but the next year was even worse.  The third autumn, when the offer 
of sacrifices should have begun, a great number of Swedes came to Upsal;  
and the chiefs held consultations with each other, and all agreed that 
the times of scaricity weree on account of their king Domaldi, and they 
resolved to offer him as sacrifice for good seasons.  They killed him and 
sprinkled the stalle of the gods with his blood.
 "It has happened oft ere now,
That foemand's weapon has laid low
The crowned head, where battle plain,
Was miry red with the blood-rain.
But Domaldi dies by bloody arms,
Raised not by foes in war's alarms --
Raised by his Swedish liegemen's hand,
To bring good season to the land."

NAME Visbur /Vanlandasson/, King of Swedes
SEX M/ b. 319 Finland
d. BEF. 339
Married daughter of Aude the Rich
Had 2 sons, Gisle & Ond
Married again
Had a son by new wife, Domaldi
Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
Sweden, Finland
 Visbur succeeded his father.  He married the daughter of Aude the Rich, 
and gave to her as a bride-gift 3 large farms and a gold ornament.  They 
had 2 sons Gisle and Ond.  Visbur later left her and took a new wife, and 
they had a son named Domaldi.  His first wife used witchcraft  to cast 
bad luck on Visbur.  
 When his first 2 sons were 12 and 13 they came to their father and asked 
for their mothers dower and gold ornament.  Visbur would not give it to 
them.  The boys said the the gold ornament should be the death of Visbur, 
and then they returned home.  The boys and their mother again began 
enchantments to destroy their father.  The sorceress Huld said that by 
witchcraft she should bring about the means of murdering Visbur, that 
murder by your own kin should not take place in the Yngling race.  
Thereafter  she collected men and they came unexpectedly in the night and 
killed Visbur, and burned him in his house.
Vanlandi /Svegdasson/
SEX M/ b. ABT. 298 Sweden
d. 318 Uppsala, Sweden
Took winter refuge in Finland and married Driva
Left his wife in Finland and said he would return in 3 years
Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
He was a great warrior who went to many lands. He is said to have been killed by witchcraft.
 Vanlande, succeeded his father.  He was a great warrior, and went to many 
far away lands.  Once when he was wintering in Finland with Snae the Old, 
he married Driva Snae's daughter.   In the spring he set out leaving 
Driva behind with the promise he would return in 3 years.
Vandlande did not return as promised.  Driva sent a message to the witch 
Huld; and sent Visbur, her son by Vanlande, to Sweden.  Driva bribed the 
witch Huld.  She wanted the witch to bewitch Vanlande into returning to 
Finland or kill him.  
 Vanlande was at Upsal, and a great desire came over him to return to 
Finland, but his friends and councelors advised him against it.  It was 
said that the witchcraft of the Finn people showed itself in his desire 
to return.  Vanlande then became very tired and laid himself down to 
sleep; but when he had slept but a little, he cried out, saying that the 
Mara was treading on him.  His men hastened to him to help; but when they 
took hold of his head she trod on his legs, and when they took hold of 
his legs, she pressed upon his head; and then he died.  The Swedes took 
his body and burned it at a river called Skytaa, where a standing stone 
was raised over him.
"And Vanlande, in a fatal hour,
Was dragg'd by Grimhild's daughter's power,
The witch-wife's, to the dwelling-place
Where men meet Odin face to face.
Trampled to death, to Skytaa's shore
The corpse his faithful followers bore;
and there they burnt, with heavy hearts,
The good chief killed by witchraft's arts.
NAME Svegdi(Swegde) /Fjolnarsson/, King of Swedes
SEX M/ b. 277 Uppsala, Sweden
d. 297 East side of Swithiod, Stein
Married Vana in Sweden
Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
Made a solemn vow to seek Godheim and Odin
Went on a 5 year journey with 12 men
 Swegde took the kingdom after his father, and he made a solemn vow to 
seek Godheim and Odin.  He went with 12 menthrough the world, and came to 
Turkland, and the Great Svithiod, where he found many of his 
connections.  He was 5 years on this journey; and when he returned home 
to Swedenhe remained there for some time.  He had go a wife in Vanheim, 
named Vana, they had a son named Vanlande.  
 Swegde went out seeking his Gods again, and came to mansion on the east 
side of Swithiod called Stein, where there was a stone as big as a large 
house.  In the evening after sunset, so the story goes, Swegde was going 
from the drinking table tohis sleeping-room, he cast his eye upon the 
stone, and saw that a dwarf was setting under it.  Swege and his men were 
very drunk, and they ran towards the stone.  The dwarf stood in the door 
and called to Swedge, and told him to come in, and he should see Odin.  
Swegde ran into the stone, which instantly closed behind him, and Swedge 
was never seen again.
Thiodof of Kvine tells of this:
"By Diurnir's elfin race, 
Who haunt the cliffs and shun day's face, 
The valiant Swegde was deceived, 
The Elf's false words the king believed.
The dauntless hero rushing on,
Passed through the yawning mouth of stone:
It yawned --it shut -- the hero fell,
In Saekmime's hall, where giants dwell."
NAME Fjolner /Yngvi-Freysson/, King of Swedes
SEX M/b. 256 Uppsala, Sweden
d. Hleithra, Denmark-- Drowned
Married in Uppsala
Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
Friends with Fredfrode of Leidre
Died while visiting his friend Fredfrode
Fell in a vessel of mead and drowned
 Fjolne, Yngve Frey's son, ruled after his father.  He was powerful, and 
lucky in seasons and in holding the peace. He developed a freindship with 
Fredfrode of Leidre, and visited his friend many times.  Once when Fjolne 
went to visit Fredfrode in Sealand, a great feast was prepared for him, 
and invitaitons to it were sent out over the entire country.  Frode had a 
large house, in which there was a great vessel many ells high, and put 
together of great pieces of timber; and this vessel stood in a lower 
room.  Above it was a loft, in the floor was and opening through which 
liquor was poured into this vessel.  The vessel was full of very strong 
mead.  In the evening Fjolne, with his attendants, was taken into the 
vessels adjoining room to sleep.  In the night he went out to the gallery 
to seek a certain place, and he was very sleepy and exceedingly drunk.  
As he came back to his room he went along the gallery and entered the 
wrong room.  He went into the room with the vessel of mead in it, and 
slipped and fell into the vessel of mead and was drowned.  So says 
Thjodolf of Kvine:
"In Frode's hall the fearful word, 
The death-forebding sound was heard:
The cry of fey denouncing doom,
Was heard at night in Frode's home.
And when brave Fodre came, he found
Swithiod's dark chief, Fjolne, drowned.
In Frode's mansion drowned was he, 
Drowned in a waveless, windless sea."
NAME King of the Swedes /Yngvi-Frey/
SEX M/b.235 Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Married Gerd
Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
Prosperous king
Worshiped by the Swedes
 Njord son Frey took the kingdom after his fathers death.  He was called 
drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him.  He was like his father, 
fortunate in friends and in prosperity.  He built a great temple at 
Upsal, made it his chief seat, and gave it all his taxes.  He began the 
Upsal domains, which have remained ever since. 
 The Swedes became even more prosperous under Frey's reign.  They began to 
worship him.
 His wife was called Gerd, and his son was called Fjolne.  Frey was also 
called by another name, Yngve; and this name Yngve was considered long 
after his death a name of Honor, so that his descendants have since been 
called Ynglinger.
 Frey fell into a sickness; and as he became worse no one was let near 
him.  In the mean time they raised a great mound, in which they placed a 
door with three holes in it.  Now when Frey died they put him secretly 
into the mound, but told the Swedes he was alive; they kept watch over 
him for three years.   They brought all the taxes into the mound, and 
through one hole they put the gold, through another silver and through 
the third copper money.  Peace and prosperity continued.
 When it became known to the Swedes that Frey was dead, and yet peace and 
good seasons continued, they believed it must be so as long as Frey 
remained in Sweden; and therefore they would not burn his remains, but 
called him the god of this world, and afterwards offered continual 
blood-scarifices to him, principally for peace and good seasons.
NAME Gerd /Gymersson/
SEX F/b. 239 Uppsala, Sweden
NAME King of Swedes /Njord/
SEX M/b. ABT. 214 Noatun, Sweden
Drot Sovereirgn of Sweden (King)
Peaceful reign
Practiced blood sacrifices to Odin
Became Ill and killed him self with a spear as sacrifice to Odin
 Njord of Noatun was the sole sovereign of the Swedes; and continued the 
sacrafices of the Swedes, and was called the drot sovereign, and he 
recieved scatt and gifts from them.  In his days there was peace and 
plenty, and such good years, in all respects, that the Swedes believed 
Njord ruled over the growth of seasons and the prosperity of the people.  
In his time all the diar or gods died, and blood-sacrifices were made  
for them.  Njord became ill and was on his deathbed, and before he died, 
stabbed himself with a spear, as a sacrifice to Odin.  The Swedes burned 
him, and all wept over his grave-mound.
NAME /Gymer/
SEX M/ b. ABT. 214
NAME /Orboda/
SEX F/b.ABT. 218 Sweden
NAME /Freya/
SEX F/ b. ABT. 237
NAME Swanhilda /Eysteinsdatter/
SEX M/b.ABT. 850 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
NAME Rognvald /Olafsson/
SEX M/b. 790 Jutland, Norway
NAME Hrollager /Rognvaldsson/, of Iceland
b. ABT. 860 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
NAME Thordis /Rognvaldsson/
b. ABT. 862 Maer, Nord Trongelag, Norway
NAME Ivar /Rognvaldsson/
SEX M/b. ABT. 864
NAME The Silent /Thorer/,  Rognvaldsson
b. ABT. 868
NAME /Giselle/SEX F
NAME Count of Corbiel /Robert/SEX M
NAME "Turf" /Einar/, Rognvaldsson, Jarl of Orkney/SEX M
NAME Thorfinn I /Rollo/, Hausakliffer Einarsso/SEX M
b. ABT. 890 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
d. AFT. 977
Buried in burial mound, Hoxa, Ronaldsay, Scotland
NAME Erlend I /Einarsson/, Jarl of Orkney/SEX M
b. ABT. 888 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
d. 954 Stainmore, Westmoreland, England
NAME Arnkell /Einarsson/, Jarl of Okney/SEX M
b. ABT. 866 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland
d. 954 Stainmore, Westmoreland, England
NAME Olaf /Gudrodsson/SEX M
b. 770
NAME Gudrod /Halfdansson/SEX M
b. 738
NAME Halfdan /Hvitbein/, King of Uplands and Hedemark/SEX M
b. 704 Romerike, Norway
d. Toten, Buried at Skaereid, at Skiringsale
died of Natural causes
Married Aasa
Was taken by the Swedes and made king
King of Uplands and Hedemark
Foster with King Solve
Lived to an old age and died in his bed
 Halfdan fostered with King Solve in Solyar.  Solve was his mothers 
 The Swedes crossed the Eida forest with their men and took Halfdan 
prisoner.  They put King Solve to death and plundered.  They made Halfdan 
King of the Uplands and Hedemark. He was a great king, with many good 
seasons.  He married Aasa, and they had 2 sons, Eystein and Gudrod.  He 
lived to a very old age and died in his bed, in Toten.  His body was 
taken to Skaereid, at Skiringsale and buried there.
NAME Asa /Eysteinsson/SEX F/ b. ABT. 715 Uppland, Norway
NAME Haardaade /Eystein/SEX M
NAME Solveig /Halfdansson/SEX F
NAME Olaf /Ingjaldsson/, The Tree-Feller/SEX M
b.682 Varmland, Sweden
Married Solveig Hafdansson
King of Sweden who was driven out of Sweden.
He cleared many forrests.
Many Joined Olaf in Vermeland, Fleeing Ivar.
Then came bad crops and the people sacrifced Olaf to Odin.
 Olaf was forced to leave the country.  He settled at Venner lake by the 
Klar river. He began to clear woods and make a home for himself.  Soon 
many came there and it grew to a great community.  It was called 
Vermeland, and the living was food.  Olaf married Solva, a daughter of 
Haldan Guldtand.  They ha d 2 sons.  Ingjald and Halfdan.  
 A great many people fled from Ivar whonow ruled Upsal.  They flocked to 
Olaf hearing about the good seasons there.  The land there could not 
support that many people.  There came bad crops and much famine.  The 
people blamed Olaf.  They rose up against him and surrounded his house 
and burnt him up in it, giving him as a sacrifce to Odin.
NAME Helge /Halfdansson/SEX M
b.528 Denmark
NAME Driva /Snairsson/SEX F
b. 302 Finland
NAME Snaer /Jokulsson/,"the Old", King of Finland/SEX M
b. 275
NAME /Vana/SEX F/b. ABT. 281 Vanaheim, Sweden
NAME Halfdan /Frodasson/
NAME Frodi /Fridleifsson/SEX M/b. 479 Demark
NAME Fridleif /Frodasson/SEX M/b. 456
NAME Fridleif /Frodasson/SEX M/b. 433
NAME Dan /Olafsson/SEX M/b. 412 Denmark
NAME Olaf /Vermundsson/SEX M/b. 391
NAME /Danpi/SEX F/b. 395
NAME Vermund /Frodasson/SEX M/b. 369 Demark
NAME Frodi /Havarsson/SEX M/b. 347
NAME Haver /Fridleifsson/SEX M/b. 325
NAME Fridleif /Frodasson/SEX M/b. 303 Hleithra, Denmark
NAME Frodi /Fridleifsson/SEX M/b. 281
NAME Fridleif /Skjoldsson/SEX M/b. 259 Hleithra, Denmark
NAME /Skjold/SEX M/b. 237
NAME /Gefion/SEX F
NAME /Odin/SEX M/b. 215
NAME Friege or Frea /Frigg/SEX F/b. 219
NAME Bor /Frithuwald/SEX M/b. 190 Asgard, Asia or East Europe
NAME /Vili/
NAME /Freothalaf/SEX M/b. 160 Asgard, Asia or East Europe
NAME /Beltsa/SEX F
NAME /Finn/SEX M/b. 130
NAME /Flocwald/SEX M/b. 100
NAME /Godwulf/SEX M/b. ? Asgard, Asia or East Europe
NAME Ingjald /Frodasson/SEX F
NAME Frodi /Frodasson/SEX M